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Some smokers like to save their best cigar for a truly special occasion. Others are of the mind that a good cigar is really an occasion in and of itself. But, anyone who has ever smoked a truly good cigar can tell you that you can’t rush through one. A great cigar, unlike just any other smoke, is something you have to sit back and take your time to enjoy.

When you smoke a cigar, you are truly in the present. The cares and troubles of the world outside are swept aside, from the time the lighter gets struck until the last wisps of smoke have curled off. This is why your best cigar is one you only smoke with the people you care about most—perhaps with your newly married son, or your dearest friend on his retirement. Nothing quite seals an incredible moment in our memories like celebrating with a cigar.

At Cigarette & Cigars in El Cajon City, CA, we believe the world would be a better place if everyone took a lesson from cigar enthusiasts and applied this wisdom to their own lives. Too much time today is spent rushing to meet deadlines and planning for some distant future.

We’re here to share our love of smoking with you so you can appreciate every moment. With fantastic quality at a low price guaranteed, come to Cigarette & Cigars, and shop for the finest tobacco in town.

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