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Ever get tired of going to the hookah bar to smoke fine shisha? Do you like smoking hookah at parties? Buy your own at Cigarette & Cigars today, and save hundreds with your very own hookah pipe or water piece.

Hookahs—for those who don’t know—are utensils with one or more stems for vaporizing hookah tobacco and sharing the smoke between friends. Invented in India in the 1600's, these wonderful puff and pass pipes are ideal for parties and get-togethers. The hookah accumulates a continuous stream of vapor inside it by placement of a hot coal on a tray near the air intake. This keeps the air inside the hookah red-hot.

Cigarette & Cigars specializes in hookah sales in El Cajon City, CA. We get our superior metal and glassware from recognized local and regional suppliers and sell it to you at a competitive price. All our pieces are guaranteed durable and high-functioning, and most are simply beautiful art pieces.

There’s a range of sizes and prices for all of our glass. Whether you’re looking for an e-hookah pen, something portable with water filtration, or a leviathan party piece that never leaves your coffee table, one of our hookahs here is guaranteed to be the right match for you.

You can find many popular brands of flavored tobacco at our shop, or look for some of our more obscure and specialty blends to find the new favorite flavor you haven’t heard of yet. We sell standard and quick-light coals here as well. We have butane torches, replacements for many standardized vases, stems, bowls and hoses, hookah attachments, and other hookah supplies. Get great hookah deals and discounts on larger pipes when you buy from Cigarette & Cigars.

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