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It’s an exciting time to be in the smoke shop business, especially with the up and comping vape technology industry. Cigarette & Cigars is also a premier vape shop in El Cajon City, CA. Whether you use just a simple vape pen or a custom-built mod, we carry all the latest vape products to meet your needs. You can buy a simple starter kit that won’t break the bank, or build and modify your own fully customized cloud machine using parts from our sizeable selection. If you need some help getting started, one of our customer service representatives can give you directions for taking care of your vape and can troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

Are you new to the world of vaping? If you’ve smoked cigarettes for years and are thinking about quitting for health reasons, you may want to consider vaping as a less risky alternative. Many frequent smokers successfully make the switch to vaporizers.

We have special vape deals on setups for cloud chasing, flavor chasing, and nicotine chasing. The sky is the limit when it comes to our endless combinations of quality merchandise. Shop for e liquid, tanks, RDAs, batteries, battery chargers, replacement coils, resistance wire, cleaning tools, and many more vape items!

There are numerous advantages to vaporizing nicotine over smoking it. First and foremost, it’s not as unhealthy. Studies indicate that glycol vapor has fewer cancer causing particles than tobacco smoke. Many customers say that vape juice (also called “e liquid” or “e juice”) is tastier than the traditional cigarette. Our e juice brands market a variety of fruity, nutty, and sweet flavors. You can walk out of our conveniently located store with a quality product in your hand, ready to start blowing clouds.

Come on down to Cigarette & Cigars today to find the right vape product for you, at deals that are practically a steal!

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